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Daily Prayer for January 11th, 2014 

Wishing all of us every success in the New Year!

In the Company of Prayer
WHY: We’re here to guide each other that one step further along a personal journey toward salvation.
WHAT: By revealing a Knowing Presence where you may not expect to find it.
HOW: Through our Morning Briefing workday emails, book series, social media, conversations and personal interaction.

How can we better help you along your journey?

A signed copy of our newest book, Q2, goes to the first 20 responses.

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4 responses to: “Wishing all of us every success in the New Year!”

Dana Todd says:

Keep reminding me about patience with others, and grace under pressure! At this stage in my career, I often forget that people who are in the beginning or middle of their career are just that. Reminding myself to turn frustration into teachable moments, or just letting go of perfectionism, is an ongoing spiritual challenge.

Dana says:



ian says:



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